Save space
LivingPantry saves you space

Our backyard space are getting smaller and smaller and even if you do have space you may not want to have it taken up by a veggie patch, thats is if your lucky enough to have a backyard. High denisty living is becomming the norm where our patios and courtyards are decorated with a variety of buckets growing herbs and greens. As home ownership is becomes out of reach for more people, the opprutunity to hav a grden where this is space is increasingly limited.

LivingPantries vertical nature allows the stacking of rows of plants on top of each other while the slight angle ensures all plants get a decent amount of sunlight. The LivingPantry smart vertical garden is up to 300% more efficient with space than a convential garden allowing you to grow more with less. If you are renting and need to relocate, moving your LivingPantry is a simple process that we help you with.

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