A. Choose a Plan
Our Family plan has a variety of common in season leafy greens and herbs like kale, lettuce, beans, parsley and basil.
Our Gourmet plan is for the more adventurous and includes more specialty plants and herbs like leeks, celery, thyme and marjoram.
Our 'Build Your Own' plan allows you to create a plan that works for you.
B. Choose a Pantry Size
Small Pantry with 17 plant location. Suitable for 1 - 2 people. Dimensions (W x D x H) 1620 x 500 x 1495
Medium Pantry with 34 plant locations. Suitable for 3 - 4 people. Dimensions (W x D x H) 1620 x 1010 x 1495
C. Choose to Rent or Purchase Pantry
Keep the commitment down, good for month to month.
Own your Pantry and avoid the weekly rental fee
D. Summary
Payment frequency
This is also your minimum commitment
Pantry $4.95 /wk
Plan $11.95 /wk