Cost Comparision
Understand how LivingPantry compares to others
Think about the last few times you have thrown produce away, how much had you used? On average New Zealand households throw away $560 worth of food annually.
Your results(Weekly)
Plants harvested(As per schedule)
Silverbeet, Corriander, Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce, Mint, Thyme
The LivingPantry plan is:
With LivingPantry, your produce
  • Will be 0 days old when you consume it
  • Generated 25 food miles
  • Generated 0 grams of single use plastic
  • Spray free
  • Used 90% less water to grow
To purchase the same produce from the store as you would harvest from LivingPantry would cost you:
On average, your produce
  • Will be 5-15 days old when you purchase it
  • Generated 1,200 food miles
  • Generated 5 grams of single use plastic
  • Thrown out $8.23
  • May have been sprayed with insecticide/herbicide
About this calculator A number of assumptions have been used in order to provide the comparision as follows.
1. Prices obtained for shop prices are non promotional prices obtained online from New World in Q1 2021
2. Where a product was not available from a shop, a similar product was substituted
3. A simple markup of 33% to the shop price was used to calculate an organic price
4. LivingPantry Plan price is based on three month commitment
5. Harvest times on LivingPantry may vary depending on season and sunlight hours