LivingPantry is so much more than just a garden
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A better way to grow leafy greens and herbs
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Water saving
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Time saving
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Faster maturity

Intelligence | managed to maturity

LivingPantry takes the guesswork out of farming at home. Using multiple sensors LivingPantry keeps an eye on the environment and then makes micro corrections as and when needed. This ensures you have the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious fresh greens and herbs in the shortest amount of time.

Eco | conserving resource

Growing fresh greens and herbs in the LivingPantry soil-less system saves 90% of the water when compared to growing in conventional form. At a time when water is becoming a carefully considered resource, water savings plus the fact that nutrients never escape the system means LivingPantry is a highly productive, environmentally friendly way to grow.

Sustainable | reduce, reuse, recycle

Growing and harvesting close to eating means no packaging to preserve the life of the food.

All packaging used in the delivery of the seedlings to you is made from recycled material and is reused for as long as possible before being recycled. When returned to LivingPantry the growing pots and media are washed, sterilized and reused.

Vertical | maximizing output

We want everybody to be able to grow a meanigful amount of fresh greens and herbs no matter how much space they have. If you are an apartment dweller or live in a small unit, LivingPantry's vertical orientation amplifies the space you have to grow fresh greens and herbs so that you can have the freshest, tastiest greens and herbs at your place.

Automatic | refill of seedlings

To ensure that there is always a selection of fresh leafy greens and herbs available, LivingPantry will send out new seedlings when other plants have reached maturity.

Aesthetic design
Each LivingPantry unit is beautifully handmade right here in New Zealand using natural wood. It’s sure to brighten any outdoor space.
Virtual Farmer
The LivingPantgry companion mobile app shows you when your plants will be maturing and ready to eat. Your Virtual Farmer app also has helpful tips & tricks for maintaining your LivingPantry.
Staggered maturity
We stagger the germination of the plants so that you have fresh greens and herbs ready every few days, helping to reduce food waste!
Auto feeding
LivingPantry automatically provides your seedlings with the right amount of nutrients and water conditioner to keep them healthy and thriving till harvest.
Self watering
When connected to a water supply, LivingPantry will automatically fill when required, taking the hassle out of watering!
Growing all year round
LivingPantry allows you to have a continuous supply of fresh leafy greens and herbs all year round.
Dimensions (W*D*H)
  • Small 1620 x 500 x 1495
  • Medium 1620 x 1010 x 1495
  • Large 2520 x 1010 x 1495
  • Small 17
  • Medium 34
  • Large 68
  • Meranti
  • Hoop Pine
Weight kgs (empty)
  • Small 18 kgs
  • Medium 32 kgs
  • Large 60 kgs