How LivingPantry fits in with your life.
The LivingPantry System
Choose the Plan and Pantry

The Plan will determine what plants you will be growing while the LivingPantry unit size will determine how much produce you will be able to harvest.

Once you have placed your order, we get started on growing your seedlings right away and deliver your first thriving seedlings within 6 weeks, ready for harvest 10-14 days later.

We deliver the Pantry

Our certified installer will complete initial set-up for you and ensure that your LivingPantry is in working order.

We deliver your initial order

This will include all the seedlings as per your LivingPantry at various stages of maturity.

You can expect to make you first harvest in 10 - 14 days depending on your plan.

Time to grow grow grow!

Once your seedlings are in your LivingPantry, the magic happens!

Watch as your seedlings become fresh, delicious veges & herbs right before your eyes! LivingPantry’s cloud-controlled system continuously checks the growing conditions and ensures your seedlings have the best growing environment.


From Pantry to Plate

You will be notified via the LivingPantry app when plants are fully mature and ready to harvest! Enjoy fresh, nutritious, leafy greens and herbs right from your LivingPantry to your plate!


Replacement seedlings delivered

We will deliver thriving seedlings to your door.


'Plant' the replacement seedlings

Simply lift out the harvested plants and pop the new seedlings into your LivingPantry


Recycle & Reuse

We will pick up the used plant pots and media to be recycled and reused