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LivingPantry explained

LivingPantry is like having the fresh produce aisle right on your doorstep!

LivingPantry is a smart, soil-less vertical garden that grows fresh herbs and veges in record time with no weeding, no watering, no hassle and no green fingers required.

With thriving seedlings delivered straight to your door each week, you’ll be enjoying the freshest, most nutritious leafy greens and herbs on demand!

How does it work?

We deliver thriving seedlings to your door with a delivery plan that matches your lifestyle.

Your LivingPantry grows those seedlings to maturity in less time and using less resource than a traditional garden, to produce nutrition-packed vegetables and herbs each week.

1. Discover
Discover a LivingPantry and Plan that fits with your lifestyle.
2. Install
Our professional installers will deliver, install and configure the LivingPantry at your place.
3. Deliveries
Receive mature seedlings for your LivingPantry to replace harvested plants each week.
4. Enjoy
Pick your herbs & veges to eat as you go.
It's like having the fresh produce aisle on your patio or deck

Enjoy your very own fresh beans, lettuce, kale, silverbeet, basil and parsley straight from your LivingPantry to your plate.

Cost Comparision
How does LivingPantry compare?
LivingPantry Veggie garden
Watering No Yes
Weeding No Yes
Harvest Profile Scheduled Sporadic
Seedlings Delivered From plant centre
Reliability Dependable Hit & Miss
Grown in Nutrient rich water Soil
Environment Precisley controlled Semi controlled
Immediately see when and what you'll be harvesting.

The companion phone app that provides visibility of whats happening in your pantry.

View what harvests are coming up, what seedlings will be delivered next and vital signs of your pantry.

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better Nutrition
Eat well
Make eating healthy convenient by having a constant supply of fresh leafy greens and herbs on hand. Packed wih maximum flavor and nutrition, growing right up to the moment of harvest
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better For the planet
Eat clean
Growing fresh leafy greens and herbs in the LivingPantry soil-less system saves 90% of the water when compared to growing in conventional form. At a time when water is becoming a carefully considered resource, water savings plus the fact that nutrients never escape the system means LivingPantry is a highly productive, environmentally friendly way to grow
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better For you
Eat better
Now more than ever we need to be kind on our bodies and make good decisions about what we consume while minimising our environmental impact. With LivingPantry on your patio, deck or in your backyard, fresh healthy eating is only a few steps away, literally.
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Why choose LivingPantry?
LivingPantry has been designed and built 100% in New Zealand for New Zealanders - so when you purchase a LivingPantry plan you are supporting local!
Our Story
What is LivingPantry?
A vertical, smart, soil-less veggie garden and seedling delivery service

LivingPantry is a vertical, soil-less veggie garden that grows nutritious, fresh, leafy green and herbs in record time, matched with a subscription seedling delivery service.

It’s the only garden that needs a Wi-Fi connection! The built-in LivingPantry ‘Virtual Farmer’ monitors growing conditions 24/7, adjusting temperature, humidity, pH and nutrient levels to grow the best fresh produce for you without any of the hard work. Simply pick your veges and herbs when you’re ready to eat and enjoy fresh produce on demand at every meal!

The Pantry
A cloud-controlled, soil-less vertical garden.

Growing fresh, leafy greens and herbs in a soil-less system is a complicated mashup of chemistry and biology. But your LivingPantry unit does the hard work for you by automatically controlling the growing environment, ensuring your fresh leafy greens and herbs are getting exactly what they need!

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The seedling delivery service
We do the hard work so that you don't have to

Going from seed to thriving seedling is no simple task. That’s why we nurture seeds in our purpose-built facility before delivering thriving seedlings to you.

Each week, you receive strong and healthy seedlings that are 30% through their growing cycle to replace harvested veges & herbs. Just pop them in your LivingPantry and watch them grow!

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When its food, it matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LivingPantry grow without soil?
LivingPantry uses a technique called ”hydroponics” in which the plant’s roots absorb nutrients from a steady flow of nutrient-rich water instead of from soil. Growing in water means better control of the plant’s environment to make sure your plants are thriving!
What happens if a plant dies or gets disease while in my Pantry?
What ever the reason your plant doesn't grow to your expectations we will immediatley replace it with a new plant.
How much does it cost to power LivingPantry?
During warmer months your LivingPantry consumes about 35 watts of power, which is approximately $5.00 per month. During cooler months power consumption is approximately 85 watts which is about $12.00 per month. These figures are based on estimated energy use and will vary from Pantry to Pantry.
Can it be used inside?
No, it is designed to be outside. Plants need lots of light to grow and outside is the best for that.
What happens if there is a power outage?
For outages of more than four hours please contact our team if you have not already been proactively contacted. For less than 4 hours no action is required.
How level does the location of LivingPantry need to be?
There is about 50 mm of adjustment in LivingPantry so there is a small amount of adjustment available. Ideally you would place LivingPantry on a level surface.
Does my LivingPantry need to be powered all the time?
Yes, a constant flow of nutrient rich water is required around your LivingPantry. To keep the water flowing, a power supply is needed. If this was stopped, the plants would suffer.
Does my LivingPantry need to be connected to water all the time?
For your LivingPantry to be hassle free it is best to always be connected to a water supply. However, you can choose to only connect your LivingPantry to a water supply when the water is running low.
My plants are still growing well, why do they need to be replaced?
While some plants continue to grow after the suggested harvest date, their productivity will decrease. The root system of the plant will also continue to grow which may interfere with other plants and also make it difficult to remove the plant easily.
Can LivingPantry be used inside?
The LivingPantry is designed to be used outside as plants need lots of sunlight to grow.
Whats the best location for the LivingPantry?
The more sun the plants get the better they will grow. The small Pantry is best oriented in an East-West direction so that the plants get all day sun. The Medium Pantry is best oriented in a North-South direction so that a side gets sun in the morning and the other side gets sun in the afternoon. The Pantry is best located within 10 meters of a power and a water supply.
I don't have outdoor power, can you help?
This is not something that we can help with. We strongly suggest you contact Mark over at Hoult Electrical ( Installation without a Residual Current Device is normally $299+GST and if you require a Residual Current Device it will be around $399+GST
Why does it take such a long time for the initial delivery?
This is because we grow to order and aim to deliver seedlings about 1/3 of the way through there life. So if it is a 90 day crop we will be growing the first 30 days.
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